Nino Giaccomo Cocchiarella


I have been an independent contractor for 22 years in the commercial photography, graphic arts, and more recently the open source web development fields. I call it "Visual Communications." I bring decades of real world practical experience to the table.

A lot of what I produce for clients is complex data driven web and mobile web applications. Not just a sexy new WordPress "Theme," but well thought out websites that work—work the way you want not the way a template constrains. Custom coded cloud based enterprise solutions, large multi-relational product databases structures, e-commerce, user data collection. The list is only limited by our imagination. Scalable. Searchable. SEO friendly. I produce communication solutions that work.

A lot of folks ask me, "What is Visual Communications?" Recently, I updated a Flash® presentation that helps in answering that very question. Click on the image below and see for yourself. (27MB download)

New and notable projects

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