Nino Giaccomo Cocchiarella

I have been an independent contractor for 22 years in the commercial photography, graphic arts, and more recently the open source (LAMP) web development fields. I call it "Visual Communications." I bring decades of real world practical experience to the table.

A lot of what I produce for my clients is custom data driven web and mobile web applications. I'm not bound by common LAMP platforms or segregated to just "front-end" or "back-end" development. I don't just promote a sexy new WordPress "Theme." I produce well thought out websites/web apps that work—work the way you want not the way some platform constrains. Custom developed Content Management Systems (CMS), cloud based enterprise solutions, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Single Sign On (SSO) integration, large multi-relational product databases structures, e-commerce, user data collection. The list is only limited by our imagination. Scalable. Searchable. SEO friendly. I produce communication solutions that work.

Currently in development are two exciting projects. An all new LMS system built from the ground up and my CMS version 3. Check back soon for more details!

I'm A Whole Developer

Front-end web developer. Back-end web developer. UI Engineer. UX Designer. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla developers... Man, web development has become so specialized. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a team player too—but it seems to me that I've always done all of these tasks and all at the same time. 

Specialization is one thing but too many narrow focused coders can leave a project missing crucial layers. When I develop, I consider all aspects at the same time. Some get prioritized, sure, but I factor how all aspects work together not just one task. The end result is a well interlaced "Whole" project not layers separated by account executives and project managers. 

Green... at the root of what we do.


New and notable projects


"What is Visual Communications?"

What is Visual Communications?

A lot of folks ask me, "What is Visual Communications?" Recently, I updated a Flash® presentation that helps in answering that very question. Click on the image below and see for yourself. (27MB download)

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